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October 2019


Innovative prefabricated housing presents an ecological retreat of urban life


-VMD (Minimum Housing Rest) is a system of prefabricated housing, featuring a luxurious recently Launched alternative to live away from the city and Minimizes the environmental impact of new construction. In a span of only 99 days, this house of one or two rooms, made from environmentally responsible materials, may be ready for a permanent immersion in a place of choice, with minimal interference to the landscape. Opens Opportunities for people looking to invest in a home for the weekend without construction time, inconvenience and costs associated with building and Maintaining a home.


Ready to order and customize online, -VMD is a creation of the architects featured Alegre Rodrigo and Carlos Acosta (founders of the renowned studio STUDIOROCA Mexico City, the firm responsible for designing elegant furnishings inside -VMD). The notion came from the duo Took on a more conscious approach to work in recent years Their, with a move towards sustainability and to focus on reducing ITS ecological footprint.


“We did ask ourselves: what would you do with Less,” Acosta Explains About the concept behind -VMD, and the notion of withdrawing from the noisy urban centers, polluted and stressful to appreciate the natural beauty of the outstanding Mexico from a manufactured It requires minimal effort home and attention.


“The houses Usually require maintenance and Involve many expenses,” says Acosta, pointing to the simpler design of VMD “This is what an escape is. Be free from all the hassles of Maintaining a second home but still have a break weekend Where You really can enjoy your time. “


“It has all the essentials to live comfortably,” Alegre Said, “finishes and accessories luxurious, all-friendly suppliers With the environment.” The units are technologically driven, with an indoor lighting and video surveillance system can be controlled remotely That in Addition to the luxury appeal STUDIOROCA is the selection of furniture, all made by Mexican designers, Including chairs, tables and shelves. That Alegre says the greatest luxury, however, is the time Representing the Abode. “It’s time to be in nature, writing, reading, sport, meditate … More time for you.”



-VMD Maintains a visionary spirit of sustainability. Using only the space and materials, held and environmentally friendly. Manufactured in a factory, housing units These made of sturdy shipping containers reduces the amount of resources used and waste produced at the time That Eliminate the ecological impact of a construction site. Organic products Were an integrated consideration. This includes melamine boards Arauco, the board first in the world to receive certification negative carbon footprint. Oak flooring of Coventino, made up to 33% of recycled and Awarded the Global GreenTag certification, Also part of the inner scheme. Further,Instantaneous water heater Stiebel Eltron you reduce energy use drastically and ecologically Eliminates InSinkErator waste household foods. Solar panels power generators and rainwater tanks can be installed as Collected extras, making -VMD self-sufficient, and incinerators toilets optional further minimize the environmental impact time providing a solution for properties located in remote locations With no drain connections.


Because manufacturing is performed by a group of skilled artisans in Mexico, the houses are built With the highest quality standards, delaying more than three months little from order to delivery, with a week Necessary for installation in the site. The strength and durability of the structure of the shipping container Allows the units to be Placed in any terrain That Can Provide to access a trailer and crane, and as no complex foundations are required, minimal require Permits construction, reducing the while They are Representing the challenges of construction.



“Most people living in an urban area think that weekend houses are large, expensive and difficult to find,” says Acosta, claiming that -VMD offers a new opportunity to invest in the permanent home of its own so that she never existed before in Mexico. -VMD that allows customization of the finished floor, wall, kitchen bar and bathroom makes it attractive for a variety of style preferences.



Whether you are near popular destinations weekend, on a undeveloped or extended family gardens to accommodate more people on location, this construction solution uncomplicated and low cost promises a non-invasive connection to the nature; one where the natural environment and affordable reach a harmonious agreement.






-VMD (Minimum Rest House) is released in Inédito (4-20 October 2019), an event That is part of Design Week Mexico. All orders Placed During Inédito are installed after January 2020.


Orders can be made and personalized online.