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Your VMD is in that place that you ‘ Dreamed. It is best to not use it … live it !
For easy transport and assembly VMD can be installed in virtually any terrain.

Your VMD does not need construction permit. For transport we take care to apply for a permit loading and place it in the end Its location.

Your VMD is based on 4 Corners so on flat ground and just need to make firm 4 single shoes. On slopes foundation is it a little more elaborate but Also very simply. 

Depending on the equipment That May require a water selections and light, cistern and a small treatment plant or we can make it self-sufficient With Solar panels, rainwater harvesting, WC Incinerator and responsible management of waste.

VMD has no wheels (not a trailer), but you can re-move it anywhere else. Probably not something you want to do every two weeks but maybe in a few years like a rest house on the beach Instead of the forest; With VMD you can do!

Currently we Have developed three models: 1 bedroom 30 m2 (WHO, Although MOST people know her believe it is much bigger) and 2 and 3 bedroom 60m2.

The philosophy is life in VMD That is not limited to the interior, encourages Contact with the outside making VMD is the perfect retreat for your playground is outdoors and nature.

The projected lifetime is more than half a century. With minimal maintenance it is as durable as traditional constructions (and more friendly to the environment for STI manufacture, transportation and materials).

Took into account VMD design every detail: is coated With high efficiency and insulating arrangement of windows Allows air circulation That Helps Maintain a comfortable temperature inside, as much or even more than the houses are used That. For This reason it is perfect in any weather. In the As in other houses, they can be installed They air conditioning or heating systems for comfort in extreme climates.

Come and see our model shows CDMX space, located in Av. Of Composers 4 Bosque de Chapultepec II Secc, Mexico City 11100, CDMX. 

We Have different options for you to Select which suits you. The brain of the system not only intelligent lighting controls, security can add Also cameras, motion sensors, alarm and monitoring Also everything can even remotely from your phone or tablet.

* Internet connection required

Maintenance is minimal. Just need to check every two years That parts of the steel structure exposed to the weather no signs of corrosion and if it is it is only Necessary to apply to Inhibitor corrosion (you can almost always used options), apply it, leave it on and a few hours later repainting.

Maintaining the inside is like any other house, if you want to always be great must be kept clean (you will be surprised how fast and easy is done in your VMD) and every many years Certainly Have to paint the walls. Even if you choose the finish *

* last much longer tapestry in excellent condition and Also you need to save When a lot of paint will see That painting.

The manufacturing and delivery time is only 99 days and deliver fully finished. A arriving, the crane lifts of the trailer and puts Precisely and smoothly on the foundation That was Previously prepared; Then our specialized team removed the inner packaging and protections to Ensure Placed you get in as good as condition When our factory boarded; put the finishing touches facade, They connect the facilities, Accommodated the furniture you bought with us and prove everything runs smoothly That. In one or two days we retire and leave your house and grounds clean and ready for the only thing missing is you enjoy your brand new VMD.

Paragraph 10%
Pay 40% to start your VMD
Payment 20% at 30 days
Payment 20% at 60 days
Payment 10% at 90 days

We accept all payment methods.

You can check some of the many benefits   here.

The entire house Including electrical and plumbing systems STI, Such as kitchen finishes, closets, floors, bathroom furniture, lighting and deck.

– The transport of your VMD to the end destination and unloading crane
– Adaptations to the ground as the basis Where it will settle and Excavations for your tank and digester (applicable if) and you can connect to the sanitary and hydraulic network of your land ( if you have).

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